Keeping your financial matters healthy and on track for the life you want to lead

If you’re one of our clients, then we’ll work with you to ensure your financial position continues to align with your circumstances and goals

Financial planning is not a once and done activity. Things can regularly change in your personal and work life and it’s important to ensure that what you have in place is still right for you.

We need to ensure that your risk profile (see below) and propensity for loss are unchanged and that your objectives for your finances are still on track.  There may also be regulatory or supplier company changes which could impact on you.


That’s why we regularly keep in touch

Whilst we welcome our clients contacting us whenever they need to, we proactively reach out to you once or twice a year to ensure that nothing important has changed. It may be a simple phone call, but if we feel that a meeting would be beneficial, we’ll arrange that with you.  How often we speak to you will depend on the products you have with us.

We will always get in touch if there are any significant changes with any company which supplies a product you have, or changes in legislation which would have a material impact for you.


If something significant changes in your life then please get in touch with your adviser as soon as practicable so we can help you adjust your financial protection and planning.

Your Risk Profile

How much risk you are prepared to take with your investments varies by individual and can change over time.

It often depends on how old you are, the size of your investments in relation to your finances as a whole and how long the period is until you want to crystallise your money or how long you want it to last for.



The more risk a product carries, the higher the potential returns, but the less certain they are. It’s always important to remember that investments can go down as well as up. Your risk profile is therefore a critical piece of information as different products and funds carry different degrees of risk and we will only recommend products which match your personal profile.

Establishing your risk profile and propensity for loss is a key part of our process, both at the outset and throughout our relationship with you. We will always try to ensure that your portfolio and assets are appropriate for your circumstances and financial objectives.

What to do if you’re unhappy with our service

We always aim to deliver the high standard of service which our clients expect, but recognise that occasionally things go wrong.

If you are not happy with any aspect of the service we have provided to you, for any reason, then please let us know.  You can do this either by getting in touch with your adviser or by contacting our head office.

In order to be able to investigate your complaint properly, we will need you to provide full details of what you think has gone wrong and what has led to this happening.

All complaints are dealt with by the company’s Compliance Officer, Mike Leach, and we also use a specialist company to assist with compliance and complaints.  We aim to deal with complaints as quickly as possible and, if achievable, within one week.

You can read our complaints policy here

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If you have any questions about us and the services we offer, please get in touch during our office opening hours. 

We’re here for you and will be happy to help.

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