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stocks & shares ISAs and cash ISAs,

one-off and regular savings

Advice on how to save and invest for the future you’re aiming for

Savings and investments come in many shapes and sizes and it can be hard to know the best places and ways to build a financial pot which will provide for the future and is there in case of an emergency.

We can help you to work out how much you need and to choose the right products for your circumstances and future plans.

Whether you are: 

  • looking for the best place to invest a lump sum

  • aiming to maximise the returns from your existing investments

  • or wanting to put a regular savings plan in place

our fully qualified and experienced advisers will find suitable products which match your all important risk profile (see below).

We offer advice on all of the following areas:

  • Maximising your tax-free investments such as cash ISAs and stocks & shares ISAs, as well as pension contributions
  • Investing/saving for major life events, such as buying a house, getting married, children’s education costs
  • Financial planning for retirement or long-term care
  • Passing on your assets to your chosen beneficiaries in the most tax-efficient way when you die, such as via trusts
  • Balancing an investment portfolio across different asset classes so that you’re not over-exposed to any one type of investment
  • Balancing your risk to maximise your returns whilst minimising your exposure to loss

Your Risk Profile

How much risk you are prepared to take with your investments varies by individual and can change over time.

It often depends on how old you are, the size of your investments in relation to your finances as a whole and how long the period is until you want to crystallise your money or how long you want it to last for.



The more risk a product carries, the higher the potential returns, but the less certain they are. It’s always important to remember that investments can go down as well as up. Your risk profile is therefore a critical piece of information as different products and funds carry different degrees of risk and we will only recommend products which match your personal profile.

Establishing your risk profile and propensity for loss is a key part of our process, both at the outset and throughout our relationship with you. We will always try to ensure that your portfolio and assets are appropriate for your circumstances and financial objectives.

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