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All of our clients benefit from professional advice, provided by our experienced and knowledgeable advisers, all of whom adhere to our core values: open, honest and ethical.

The start of our relationship

If you’re a new client then our relationship will start with a FREE initial consultation meeting with your adviser.

At the meeting we will aim to fully understand your financial position and personal circumstances, what you want to achieve and any key dates or timescales you have in mind.  This information is all essential if we are to deliver the best recommendations for you.

Establish the parameters

If you’re looking at investments, then a key element of this meeting will be to establish your risk profile.  This is the balance for you personally between wanting to achieve high returns on your money and the risk of the value of your investment going down.  Your risk profile is a critical piece of information as different products carry different degrees of risk and we will only recommend products which match your personal risk profile (see below).

Once you have agreed your objectives with your adviser, they will research options and come back with recommendations for you to consider. This gives you time to reflect on the discussion and if you have more questions or want to change any of the information you provided, then please get in touch with your adviser as soon as possible.

Getting you the products you need

At the second meeting, you will be presented with recommendations which will be fully explained to you, with the opportunity to seek clarification on anything you’re unsure of.  Your adviser will also explain the fees and charges associated with the products recommended, so you know up-front what it will cost and how that money is paid.

If the proposals make sense to you and you’re happy with them, then that’s great, we’ll be able to get the essential paperwork moving straight away and get you on the road to the financial future you want.

Your Risk Profile

How much risk you are prepared to take with your investments varies by individual and can change over time.

It often depends on how old you are, the size of your investments in relation to your finances as a whole and how long the period is until you want to crystallise your money or how long you want it to last for.



The more risk a product carries, the higher the potential returns, but the less certain they are. It’s always important to remember that investments can go down as well as up. Your risk profile is therefore a critical piece of information as different products and funds carry different degrees of risk and we will only recommend products which match your personal profile.

Establishing your risk profile and propensity for loss is a key part of our process, both at the outset and throughout our relationship with you. We will always try to ensure that your portfolio and assets are appropriate for your circumstances and financial objectives.

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