Individual and mirror Wills,

financial power of attorney

Having clearly stated wishes is important for you and your loved ones

Ensuring you have a Will in place so that your wishes for your estate are followed when you die is important for your loved ones and can give you peace of mind.

Many people put off creating this important document, but not having a Will only makes it more difficult for your family when you’re no longer there.

Anyone who has a major asset, such as a house, has children, is co-habiting, separated or divorced should have a Will in place.

Without this legal document it might be the case that your money and assets don’t go to the people you want, or your estate can unnecessarily end up paying more to solicitors or to HMRC.

Put your Will in place

To help our clients manage all aspects of their financial planning, many of our advisers are trained and qualified to take instructions for Wills.  They will help you think through the options so that a Will can be created which reflects what you want to happen and passes on your assets in the most cost-effective way.

Wills are then produced by The Will Company.  The Will Company is completely independent of The St David’s Partnership but was set up to serve financial advisers and their clients with a Will-writing service.

Because helping you create a Will is best done by someone who knows about your personal circumstances and finances, this service is usually only available to existing clients of the Partnership and their immediate family.

Please note that any advice or guidance in relation to estate planning using a Will or a Power of Attorney is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Power of attorney

As you get older, it’s also important to think about putting a power of attorney in place.  This is a legal document which gives permission for a trusted relative or friend to make decisions on your behalf, in the instance of you being unable to deal with your own affairs, due to illness or simply because it’s easier for you.

Importantly, you can only make a power of attorney whilst you still have mental capacity to do so.  If you wait until you need it then it may be too late and those helping you will have to go through the expense of the courts to even, for example, access your money for your benefit.

There are 2 types, one for financial matters and one for health.  You can register yourself for one or both, although you need to submit and pay for separate applications for each one.

If your circumstances are fairly clear cut, then you can complete and download the form to be signed from the UK Government’s website.  Here, you’ll also find lots of information and guidance to help you decide what you want to put in place.

If you have a registered financial power of attorney in place, please let us know.  We can note this on your record and, once we have a copy of it, we will be able to deal with your nominated Attorney(s) if needed.

If you would like our advice or help with a power of attorney, please ask your adviser

If you aren’t yet a client of The St David’s Partnership and would like to speak to an adviser who can help you, please get in touch with our head office

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